NHE: Online Consultations – the future?

Dr. Ron Hsu said recently in his interview with NHE:

I liked the concept that we could have something that would actually demonstrate that the patient could be in charge. Mohammad’s idea, which I think is absolutely correct, is that if you empower the patient to know what’s going on, and to control who gets access to what, they get ownership. That is the moral argument; but there’s also the practical argument – they become the co-­ordinator, and can spot when things are going wrong.

That concept Dr. Hsu is talking about is the program that Leicester University Medical School piloted to teach first year medical students the principle of online consultations. To read about their reflections on the result of this pilot, please see our blog from last month, Next Generation Medical Training with PKB.

This interview with Dr. Hsu dives more into his reasoning of teaching students to be doctors of the future, the challenges he and his team faced, the partnership with PKB and the evolution of this project as it continues at Leicester. The full interview can be found below.

You can find the PDF here: 2014.05.Online consultations – the future_.


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