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Obli is an intelligent device that monitors fluid intake, uses a system of colored lights and sounds to remind patients to drink fluids and notifies the carers of how much or how little fluid the patient has taken in. This persuasive technology can prevent dehydration in elderly patients or chemotherapy patients, whilst also preventing over-hydration in renal dialysis patients.

Obli is now partnering with Patients Know Best, meaning that fluid monitoring data can also be brought onto the patient’s medical record. By bringing in data from home devices, medical teams can monitor how the patient is doing between appointments instead of only seeing a snapshot of patients at appointments. Additionally, sharing the data in real-time gives family and the healthcare team the ability to provide accurate advice or changes to treatment and care.

It’s easy to connect a device like Obli to your PKB record. The most straightforward way is to log into your PKB account and click on Apps and then Devices and then add a Device. From there, you will see a list of consumer devices such as Obli, Fitbit, Withings will appear. Click on Connect where you will be prompted to enter information regarding your consumer device. Once the device is connected, information such as your fluid intake will automatically appear in your PKB medical record.

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Full press release of PKB’s partnership with Obli can be found below.

Our Dutch press release can be found here.



4th February 2015

Patients Know Best (PKB) the world’s only fully patient-controlled online medical records system is partnering with the makers of Obli, an intelligent device that prevents dehydration in older people by remotely monitoring their fluid intake.

The new partnership means that PKB now integrates with 100 different health technologies – devices such as fitness trackers, intelligent scales and heart monitors – which allow doctors and nurses to know about a patient’s health in between appointments.

Based around ‘persuasive technology’ Obli uses a system of coloured lights and sounds to remind the patient to drink water, tea, coffee and other fluids and notifies the care-giver how much – or little – the patient has drunk. Dehydration can be a significant issue amongst older people and many conditions require the patient to drink a set amount of fluid each day to keep healthy.

Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, founder and CEO of Patients Know Best said:

“By bringing data from consumer devices in the patient’s home into the medical record, PKB can transform medical care and patient safety. For example, when on a renal dialysis a patient may need to make sure they do not drink more than one litre of fluid per day. Obli monitors drinking, warns the patient at home as their limit approaches, and PKB shows the same data to the medical team. For chemotherapy, a patient may need to drink lots of water – but often they forget or are too frail to drink. This time Obli encourages drinking and PKB shows the data to the medical team.”

Through integrating Obli to a patient’s PKB health record, a family doctor can easily see whether a patient has been drinking enough – and make necessary changes to their treatment plans. The Obli system will also automatically change how much a patient should be drinking should the weather become hot.

Wil Philipsen, founder of Fresh Idea Factory and inventor of Obli said:

“I developed the idea for Obli because my own father suffered from dehydration – without either our family or his doctors knowing. We know that one in three people don’t drink enough – and this can have severe implications on health – particularly amongst older people. We know that Obli is a simple and highly effective solution for a large problem: through Obli elderly people show a mean increase of 65% in their daily fluid intake. We’re delighted to be working with PKB to make our product even more powerful, for patients and professionals.”

Notes to editors

About Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best is the world’s first patient-controlled medical records system. It is a fully secure online tool which enables patients to better organise, manage and control their own health care provision – it also saves the time of physicians through allowing secure, online consultations. Founded by Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, a physician, programmer and expert in IT in healthcare, Patients Know Best has won social enterprise awards for its focus on patient care.  Patients Know Best’s first customers include Great Ormond Street Hospital, St Mark’s Hospital and NHS South Devon. Patients Know Best integrates fully into the NHS secure network and is available for use by any patient with any clinician anywhere in the world. It is now used by over 30 hospitals in the UK, USA, Holland, Ireland, Kuwait, Australia and Hong Kong. Patients Know Best complies fully with UK NHS information governance requirements as well as the EU data protection act and US HIPAA legislation for dealing with medical data.

About  Obli/Fresh Idea Factory

Fresh Idea Factory develops products and concepts that encourage a healthy behaviour.  The most basic things like eating, moving and drinking are key topics for vitality and independent living, especially in elderly people. Smart health and smart care are very closely related: effective support by (in)formal caretakers will strengthen the healthy behaviour. Obli has been developed as a consumer product, but can contribute to effective health care by professionals as well.


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