Important privacy policy updates

We’ve just made two important updates to our privacy policy.

  • Data storage: Because we’re expanding globally with many data centers in multiple countries, we have updated the policy that clarifies how we comply with the security laws in different countries. Click on the link above to read more about our data storage update.
  • Children’s medical records: While we maintain the principle that the patient, who is able to consent, controls the data and the sharing of the information, a child’s record is different. The child is not the owner of his medical record but the parents may not be either. We have put in place a policy that allows for the child, at age 16, and his family physician or pediatric team to review and decide who should have access to the medical record. This can include the family physician or social care staff assigned to the child as part of a court order or carers that have parental responsibility. We updated this policy to reflect the feedback we got from our pediatricians. Click on this link to be taken directly to the policy.

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