PKB roadmap 2015 Q4

Core platform


Login for professional into any of multiple teams.

2-factor authentication with smartphone app.

Consent history audits.

Front-end features

New measurements GUI: the new design is more visually attractive and allows setting target ranges for each measurement. For example there is a default target height range for children based on growth charts; target weight range based on height for adults. Defaults can be overridden by each were. For example the can set themselves a target number of steps walked and a professional can set a blood pressure target range.

Videos / Word / PDF files display in-line

Discussion read history messages

Library uploads and ordering



Nightly national extract of diagnoses, medications and allergies into PKB record.


GPSoC local client integration for beta testing.


Continuing expansion of encountersappointmentstest resultsdocuments, and demographics APIs for hospital IT systems.


Documenting data model and providing Publish and subscribe API for third-party software to receive real-time notifications when new data is available in a patient’s record.

MiApp maternity app delivery

Currently testing alpha version of software.
Completing release of first version in App Store for Q1 2016.

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