Updates to Measurements

By popular demand, we are upgrading the measurements page of your PKB record. This page lets you track important measurements that can give you and your health team insight into your health between your appointments. Examples include patients tracking their blood pressure to ensure that their medications are keeping their hypertension under control or patients using any number of 100+ integrated devices with PKB like Withings wireless scale or Fitbit to track weight, fitness and sleep patterns. All these data are extremely valuable as they paint a real-time picture of the state of your health, which is why we’re releasing a new improved measurements page that will give you all your measurements data a glance.

Here are the changes coming to you in November.

1. Home > Health > Measurements summary page

Let’s go through an example of a measurements summary page.

Measurement Summary

The measurements page sections the data into four tabs: vitals, exercise, diet and sleep. By clicking on a tab such as vitals, the table below provides a snapshot of your goal, progress from the last 12 months, and measurements from yesterday and today for each measurement. Clicking on the star to select a measurement as a favorite will present the same summary at the top of the page.

2. Measurement details

Let’s dive deeper and look at the details of a single measurement by clicking on one. Below is the BMI measurements page.

Measurement details

The new display shows the latest measurements at the top with color coding to show you whether you are on track (green color) or off track (red color) for your goal. It also gives the time of day of when the measurement was recorded. You can see trends and progress of BMI measurements by date range, month or years. The bottom table provides the most granular detail about the BMI measurement such as where the data point came from (e.g. an integrated device like Withings). You can even select these data points to start a conversation with your healthcare team.

We’re excited to bring this to you in the next month. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at help@patientsknowbest.com.

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