Discharging a patient in PKB

Discharging a patient is an important part of the patient’s care process. The privacy of the patient must be maintained and the patient and the aftercare providers must be informed about the care by the discharge summary.

In the next few weeks, professionals will discharge patients in PKB through a new “Discharge” button on the patient’s summary page. By clicking this button, the healthcare professional will no longer have access to the patient’s record to maintain the patient’s privacy and the patient will no longer be able to message the professionals on their team.

To formally regain access to a patient’s record after discharge, professionals will have to enter the reason for the access, including explicit consent (e.g. the patient is with you in clinic), implicit consent (e.g. after a new referral) and break-the-glass emergency (e.g. the patient is unconscious in your emergency department).


More directions on how to discharge a patient for professionals can be found on our help page here.

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