Provide carer with self-registration details

Coming soon, coordinators and professionals will be able to provide details for a carer to self-register as a carer for an existing patient’s record. This is useful when you know the identity of the carer and their relationship as a carer but do not know the email address of the carer. (When you do know the identity, relationship and address, you can directly invite the carer with their email address.)

There are three details to provide to the patient and carer:

  1. How to self-register with the team, if the carer does not already have a username and password to log into PKB
  2. The PKB ID of the patient the carer will have access to
  3. The decryption token which allows the carer to access the patient’s record

Here are the directions to get that information to your patients and carers:

  1. Click on the patient’s summary record
  2. Click the “Print carer invitation” button to see the text of the invitation for the carer
  3. Provide this text to the carer, either by pressing the “Print” button directly, or cutting and pasting the text into your letter-writing software (e.g. Microsoft Word)

The carer can use the instructions within the next 90 days to register, after which the codes will no longer work and they will be required to get new codes.

Every organization has their own process for identifying the carers and their relationship to the patient. Because the organization is the one providing access, it is the organization’s responsibility to make sure that the process is appropriate. Two common approaches are to either send the letter to the verified home address of a child’s parent, or to print off the letter during a clinic appointment. For advice from the PKB team or introductions to other customers who have set up their own processes, please contact us.

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