New lab results design

Back in 2015 we changed the PKB test results page to comply with patient safety requirements. The overview page showed clearly which results happened on which dates. However, it no longer showed how each test’s results where changing over time: the patient had to click on the test to see the results plotted in a line chart. Many patients did not know they could click to see that view, and those who did know did not like the extra click.

In October you will see the new view. The default lab results page maintains the safety requirements of aligning tests on the x-axis when they are from the same date, while still showing on the y-axis the actual values. Results in range are green and those out of range are red. The former are a solid circle while the latter are a border only for colour blind users. A plus in the circle indicates a comment from the laboratory e.g. a warning about a faulty sample.


You can type in the test’s name to filter out that result. This saves you from scrolling down a long page of tests.

Tick the box to the left of a test and then click Compare to compare it with other tests you have ticked. A renal physician can use this to plot liver and kidney function levels close together.

Click the star next to a test and the test will appear at the top your results page. A patient with HIV and diabetes can use this to track their CD4 count and HbA1c levels at a glance from the top of the page.

Finally, by popular demand, you can manually add test results a lot more easily in the new design. Type in the name of the test (e.g. “albumin”) and the full panel will appear (i.e. liver function test).


You can fill in the one test you had been looking for, along with any other tests in the same panel that you have close to hand. This is great while in clinic with a doctor who does not use PKB but who does give you a print-out. Search for one of the tests on the print-out, take a photo of the print-out using your phone, and tap into PKB the results from your print-out. That way PKB plots all the data for you and your team, and PKB stores the photo you took as a back-up for double-checking in the future.


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