PKB roadmap for 2016 Q4 and 2017 Q1

We published our first roadmap back in January 2016. We delivered the following from that roadmap:

  1. Server upgrades and speed improvements in April 2016
  2. Team view maintains professionals’ access to their own team’s data after the clinical team discharges a patient or a patient stops sharing their record with the clinical team
  3. New lab results design coming in October 2016
  4. 2-factor authentication should be out by the end of the year to increase security for clinical teams. (We are currently testing it with PKB staff internally.)

We have published our new roadmap for the next 6 months. You can read it on our developer web site (which also has details of how to integrate third-party software with PKB). Notable features include:

  1. A continuing focus on stability and performance. This includes switching to zero-downtime upgrades.
  2. GP system integration, with EMIS integration go-live later this month.
  3. Publish and subscribe API so PKB will send the latest patients’ data to doctors looking after those patients. The updates will arrive directly in the doctors’ chosen software.
  4. Patient opt-out process for patients who do not want their record to anyone else at any time, including blocking emergency access.
  5. New smartphone app which is a lot faster.
  6. Some of our new designs for 2017.


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