Change of ownership at age 16

Below the age of 16, most children lack the capacity to log into PKB, but above this age most children have the capacity to manage their PKB record and their consent must be sought over record sharing.

Over the last year we have been testing out the right workflow with our customers looking after children. The feature will be on our production server for all customer by the end of February. This is one of our features for looking after children’s records.

At age 15 and 9 months, PKB software sends an email to the child, their carers and the coordinators of all teams looking after the child. The message reminds all parties of the upcoming 16th birthday and the age at which most children have the capacity to control access to their record and all children should have their capacity assessed.

The default process will be that PKB will automatically remove any carers’ access on the child’s 16th birthday.

A professional or coordinator in any of the child’s team will have the ability to override this automatic removal, for example if the child does not have capacity or the child has explicitly consented for their carers to have access.

To override the professional or coordinator checks the box labeled “Maintain access after 16th birthday” for each carer in the child’s record. On the 16th birthday PKB will maintain the access of these carers and automatically remove the access of all other carers.

The coordinator or professional can enter the email address of the child at any time. PKB invites the child to register with this email address. The child can log in, see their record, and control access to the record.

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