PKB’s updated diagnoses and medications screens

Last month we let you know we are enhancing our allergies, diagnoses and medications screens. The updated allergies screen can be seen on PKB now, and the diagnoses and medications screens will be available in the coming weeks.

Here are screenshots for the diagnoses and medications pages:

diagnoses ui

The name of the diagnosis is larger than before to draw the eye into the most important information on the page, with other smaller text providing details. Clicking the chevron icon expands the text to show more details such as source, date of entry and clinical codes. By default each diagnosis is collapsed for patients and expanded for professionals.

Medications UI

The same principles apply for medications, i.e. large text for the name and a chevron to show more details in smaller text. Note that sometimes the name of the medication that PKB receives is a combination of the name and dose. This is what happens with EMIS GP medical records system for example. We cannot split out such text and therefore we simply show it as we receive it.

These updates are being made to improve our data display, increase support for privacy labels and provide more information about each data point.


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