New patient banner for professionals

We are excited to be releasing our new patient banner for professionals in the next fortnight. 

We recently blogged about the new design for professionals looking at a patient’s record. This work is well underway and the patient banner is the first user interface update being released.

The banner has been designed to highlight key demographic information, using digital clinical guidelines, as well as to display the viewing rights the professional has to that patient’s record.

The new patient banner will replace the existing patient banner on every page in the professional view of a patient’s record.

The changes we are implementing make use of modern technologies that some old browsers don’t support. With this in mind, we can no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) 8. Users will find some pages may not display properly or function well when viewed with this browser version. If you use IE, we recommend upgrading to the latest version as Microsoft ended support for any other version in 2016.

Please contact us if you if have any feedback or questions about the new banner.

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