PKB development review July 2018

Today, we’re starting an informative monthly blog to share the new features we’ve released! This is intended to be a helpful resource for the PKB community to keep up to date and not miss any of the exciting new options available.

Below you can learn about changes to our user interfacesecurity enhancementsregistration updatesimprovements to our email notifications and new integration features. At the end you’ll find a list of our recent bug fixes.

1. User Interface changes

a. Appointment screens optimisation

We have made our first set of changes to enhance the Appointments section to better display information and ensure the pages are optimised for smaller screens.

See our blog post for more information about these improvements.

b. ‘Discussions’ became ‘Events & messages’

We have changed the name of the ‘Discussions’ section to ‘Events & messages’ for patients and ‘Messages’ for professionals.

Check out our blog post on this for more details.

c. Measurements addition is now simpler

We have updated the ‘Add measurements’ screen so that a user viewing a particular measurement can now be taken to a filtered view of the measurements list when they want to add more values for that measurement. The filter will show the measurement that the user navigated from only instead of the user needing to search the full list.


d. Access log can be filtered

We have added an option for patients to filter out their own access history from the access log so that the activity of other users accessing their account is more visible. By default the patient’s own access is hidden but it can be displayed on clicking the checkbox.

e. Mobile optimisation – IOS

We have optimised diagnoses/allergies/medications pages for iOS 6 – iOS 8. These pages were previously optimised for Android and iOS 9 onwards.

f. Symptoms improved warning message

We have updated the warning message shown when patients mark their team symptoms as severe so that it is better fits how teams are using this feature.

2. Security enhancements

a. Password requirements

New passwords must now meet the following requirements: The password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one punctuation mark. It also needs to be at least 10 characters long. Existing passwords will continue to work.

b. Improved security questions

Following feedback and consultation with client sites, we have updated the set of security questions that users can select from when registering or changing their passwords.

Read more about these new questions.

c. Unsuccessful login attempts

We have added a limit to the number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed. If a user enters their password incorrectly more than ten times they will need to wait a few minutes before trying again.

d. Virus scanning for files

We’ve added scanning for threats at the point of file upload; uploading the file will be blocked if threats are detected. We will also scan PDF files and prevent them displaying inline if they contain embedded Javascript and/or files. More information is available on our help pages.

3. Registration

a. Registration pages

The text shown during registration has been updated so that it’s clear to a patient that a PKB account is being created. On the professional’s registration form we’ve updated the headings to make them more clear.

We have moved the language selector to the top of our registration forms so that a user can select their default language easily before completing the registration form.

In response to customer feedback, it is no longer mandatory to add a phone number during registration.

b. Invitations to register

Registration email invites sent to new patients via the user interface will now be sent in the team’s default language.

4. Email notifications

Our email notifications are currently being enhanced to ensure the email text is clear and the email links take users to the relevant part of their record. We have started with patient emails and plan to continue on to carer and then professional email notifications.

Additionally, we have changed email service provider, our sender email address will now be

Follow this link to learn more.

5. Integrations

On Tests screens, we will now display a location if provided in an HL7 message. The location provided in ORC-13.9 in HL7 ORU^R01 messages will be the display text.

Structured numeric lab results can now be sent in ORU^R01 messages using the HL7 API.
These results will be plotted on the graph with an annotation showing the actual value.

Click this link to learn more or visit our HL7 documentation for technical detail.

Recent bug fixes

  1. Professional team list: We have resolved an issue where some patients who had been discharged were still showing up on the professional’s team list.
  2. Coordinator team list: We have disabled the ‘reset password’ button for patients who are not yet registered to prevent this function being used in error on the coordinator’s team list.
  3. Patient demographics section: We have replaced the action ‘Confirm’ in the patient demographics section with ‘Remind to register’ for unregistered patients whose email was not added at account creation stage. This means that unregistered patients will be emailed a registration reminder rather than a notification to confirm their contact.
  4. Reminders to register: We have resolved an issue where, in some instances, the action to remind a patient to register was failing.
  5. Single sign on: We have fixed a redirect issue preventing some users from connecting to PKB from their app and resolved an issue with switching patient context.
  6. Tests screen: We have resolved an issue with graphs in the Tests section where the y axis was not always using an optimal range so the values on the y axis were not clear.
  7. Professionals schedule: We have fixed an issue preventing days out of office being saved on a professional’s schedule.
  8. Translations: We have ensured all text in the patient view is translatable.

We’d love to hear any feedback from customers on our features or on ways to make this regular blog more helpful; please contact us to start the conversation.

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