Sites Live July 2019

We are excited to announce that the following sites became active in July!

  • East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has begun a trust-wide mass registration and roll out of PKB across all specialities. Patients are being offered access to their health record with their referral letters. 
  • The South West Neuromuscular Operational Delivery Network (SWNODN), based at North Bristol NHS Trust, supports patients with neuromuscular conditions and their families and carers in the South West. The network will be using PKB to offer patients and their care teams access to care plans, messaging and signposting information as part of their corporate mission to ‘recommend and deliver the highest quality clinical and non-clinical support’. 
  • We are pleased to welcome Klinik für Psychotherapie und Psychiatrie (Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy) from Virtuelle Ambulanz für Psychotherapie to our Germany user base. The psychiatry and psychotherapy team provide a virtual ambulance service for patients, which will now be offered using PKB. Patients will be offered multimedia care plans with training videos to support cognitive behavioural therapy, a resource library to hold information relating to their treatment and the ability to access their care team for support. 
  • The Neuro-rehabilitation team at Radboud University Medical Center are using PKB to assess the feasibility of using their spasticity monitoring tool for patients with stroke and HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia) who receive botulinum toxin injections. To aid their research, the team will be focussing on; recruitment success (number of enrolled eligible patients), adherence (the actual use of the tool), attrition rates (discontinuation of use of the tool) and system usability (subjective assessment of usability). The study will be carried out in October and we look forward to sharing the findings when available.  
  • The Chest Pain team at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust are the second team to go live with PKB as part of wave 2 of the NHS England Testbeds programme. The team are currently inviting patients to register in clinic at West Middlesex Hospital, offering them access to their blood results, radiography reports, discharge letters, encounters and appointments letters from the trust. From November, patients will also receive their data from the Care Information Exchange, joining up their healthcare information for the first time. You can learn more about the programme in this interview with HTN.  
  • As part of the Care Information Exchange (powered by PKB) in North West London, the following GP practices are using the network to view patient information:

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