Order repeat prescriptions using Patients Know Best

NHS England reported that 99.5% of GP practices in England currently allow prescription ordering online, resulting in 2 million transactions each month. 

Later this year, patients will also be able to order their repeat prescriptions from their Patients Know Best (PKB) record. This service will be available to patients attending GP practices using the EMIS system first.

Ordering repeat prescriptions online saves time for the patient and for their clinical team. The patient chooses which pharmacy the prescription is sent to, so they can pick the pharmacy that’s most convenient for them. Once ready, the patient can collect their items from the pharmacy or, if the pharmacy offers, have them delivered to their home.

In this blog, we’re revealing the mock-ups for this upcoming service:

We’re adding a new ‘Prescriptions’ tab to the ‘Treatments’ section. From there, patients can order prescriptions, review their existing prescription requests and nominate a pharmacy to send their prescriptions to.

A nominated pharmacy is where the GP practice will send the prescription they approved. The patient can set this up by clicking the ‘Add nominated pharmacy’ button.

The patient can search by map and address to find their pharmacy and confirm their nomination.

Nominate pharmacy

To order a new repeat prescription, the patient clicks the ‘New prescription request’ button.

Prescriptions page copy

The patient sees a list of the medications they can request. The patient can optionally add a message for their GP practice.

Choose medication

The patient can then review the request and send it to their GP practice.

Confirm request

Once the GP approves, EMIS sends the prescription to the patient’s nominated pharmacy for the patient to pick up, or for home delivery if the pharmacy supports this.  

The patients can see their existing prescription requests lower down on the ‘Prescriptions’ tab.

Prescriptions page copy 2

We will publish more details closer to the roll-out. However, if you have any questions or feedback in the meantime, please contact us.


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