SwiftQueue integrates appointment booking into PKB patient-held record

SwiftQueue and Patients Know Best are now integrated. Patients at hospitals using both platforms can now change or cancel SwiftQueue appointments directly from the Patients Know Best medical records calendar.



If the patient clicks the link at the bottom of the appointment in PKB, SwiftQueue shows the patient all the hospital appointments available for changing or cancelling. If the patient wants to change one of the appointments, SwiftQueue shows all the available slots.



Going from PKB to SwiftQueue is seamless – the patient does not need to log into SwiftQueue or provide any more authentication details. The appointment changes from SwiftQueue appear in PKB within a second, and SwiftQueue texts a confirmation to the patient.

It was a pleasure to work with SwiftQueue and their integration team worked very quickly with PKB’s HL7 APIs. We are now working with a joint customer on allowing the patient to book their first appointment directly from PKB, and to include such appointments in care plans. This will enable a patient to book an appointment when they need to (and avoid follow-up appointments if they don’t need any) according to the agreed clinical pathway. If you would like to help us test this workflow in your hospital, please contact us.

This integration is part of our wider work with appointment-booking. Patients will soon be able to book EMIS GP appointments. (PKB and EMIS are finalising witness testing for the integration). This, in turn, is part of PKB’s integration with other task platforms.



For example, integrating with Synertec for letter postage means that the NHS saves cash whenever the patient views a letter electronically in PKB (thereby removing the expense of a paper letter and associated postage costs). Social prescribing with HealthUnlocked allows a GP to create holistic care plans. Current Health’s vital signs monitoring allows earlier discharge of patients from hospital and healthy.io home urine testing allows patients to avoid coming to hospital for the test.

Having all this is one true patient portal is much better than having each transaction in a separate task portal. PKB’s security is greater than individual task portals, so everything can be aggregated, including the full hospital and GP medical record. Additionally, giving the patient a single place to log in makes them more likely to register, log in and engage. That increased patient engagement delivers efficiency for the NHS and better health for the patient.

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