Automatic CC now works in consultations

We have changed the way patients choose recipients when completing a consultation. This improvement is to align the consultation and messaging functionalities.

When a patient chooses to complete a consultation, we no longer use tick boxes to choose participants and instead use a drop-down menu. This is the same drop-down menu we display when a user sends a new message.

2020-04-08 blog image 1

Any professional who would like to appear in the drop-down menu to receive consultation responses from patients must have the setting ‘Contactable by consultations’ enabled. This setting can be enabled or disabled by the coordinator of the professional’s team.

2020-04-08 blog image 2

If a team has automatic CC enabled then all contactable professionals within the team will be grouped together on the drop-down menu and patients must select the entire team rather than individuals within that team. This is already how it works for messages.

A professional can still individually send a consultation to a patient, in which case the patient does not see a drop-down when replying, and the response will go back to that professional only. 

For more information or support using this feature, please contact your Success Manager or email

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