Supporting PKB users with upgrades for COVID-19

Our Patients Know Best developers have been upgrading the platform to support new uses and more usage. As health care providers adapt to COVID-19, digital is vital for maintaining health while working remotely.

Here is a round-up of our recent upgrades:Devices_7_Admission_homekit_complete_en

  • Professionals and family can remotely monitor the breathing of patients in care homes as more measurements load more quickly. Our integration with Current Health shows their devices’ vital signs data in real-time in the PKB record. The data appears for professionals, patients and carers on the PKB website on any device with an internet connection, including phones and tablets. PKB now loads the most recent 1,000 data points by default which covers Current Health’s usage patterns. The devices measure breathing rate, oxygen saturation, pulse, blood pressure and skin temperature as often as every 15 minutes for up to 10 days. That’s up to 960 measurements for each episode of monitoring so the upgrade now shows all the data immediately.

  • Coordinators can add up to 200,000 patients’ records at a time in CSV uploads. You can do the upload at any time of day and you do not have to wait for one upload to finish before starting the next one. We have upgraded server capacity to cope with increased loads.

  • Coordinators can send Questionnaires to 100,000s of patients one hospital is already using this to ask 50,000 patients at a time about COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Patients are spending 50% more time per visit, rising from under 200 seconds before February to over 300 seconds now. We have upgraded our server capacity as customers ramp up their registrations.

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