Mental Health Awareness Week

Last month, we published a blog post highlighting how we are supporting our staff with their mental health and wellbeing via a mindfulness meditation group. Following on from that, this month, we wanted to recognise Mental Health Awareness Week. Today marks the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week, the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health, this year with a theme of nature.

This week, we will be sharing how Patients Know Best (PKB), through our company, mission and services is supporting NHS and independent mental healthcare service providers in making ‘digital’ a supporting feature in mental health awareness, and mental health service delivery. 

PKB’s belief is that patient access and ownership of health records can unlock the potential to greater health outcomes and experiences. Our aim is for every person to have the ability to access their health record, control who can see it and use this information to manage their health, care and wellbeing. This, of course, includes not just physical attributes, but mental and wellbeing information, to create a holistic and full picture of a person’s health. 

We wanted to take the time to recognise our customers, their vision and their achievements and highlight the difference they are making and are committed to continuing to make in their delivery of care to support Mental Health awareness and supportive services. We will talk about our customers in Ireland, Oxford, London, Sussex and announce for the first time our newest Mental Health partnership and their vision for the coming year. Look out for our updates throughout this week! 

We hope you enjoy reading about our customers’ journeys and achievements. If you want to find out more about Mental Health Awareness week, more information can be found here. Or if you wanted to personally participate in the week, linking in with their theme, some suggested activities and resources from the Mental Health Foundation are below:

  • Try to make a habit each day of connecting to nature in your local area?
  • Share images/videos/or just sound recordings of the nature on your doorstep on social media 
  • Use Mental Health Foundation resources in your family, school, workplace and community to join with thousands of people who will be finding new ways to connect with nature in their local environment. 

For PKB users, you can use your PKB record to record your outdoor experience and activities, why not use the Mental Health Foundations nature journal as a prompt. For those of you who follow our meditation recordings from last month’s blog, why not take your meditation session outside this week. If you are making an effort to try and get outside for exercise – a walk, a run, an outdoor yoga session, why not record this in your PKB measurements as well, or even better link your device to record this for you. There are so many ways that digital can support you in your connection with nature – by motivating you to track your progress and have something to look back on. Let us know how you get involved.

Link your device to your PKB record

For more information about this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week visit their website or join the conversation on social media using #ConnectWithNature and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

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