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Development update – June 2021

Welcome to the next instalment of our upcoming development blog. Our focus this month is:

  • Team-specific self-registration with NHS login
  • Improving the Library page 
  • Adding an option to show what is being typed into password fields
  • Using the new NHS App Attachment download API so users can view and download attachments when accessing PKB via the NHS App

Team-specific self-registration with NHS login

We are updating the team self-registration pages on our UK server with a button to register using NHS login. Patients will be able to use their NHS login to verify their identity and register for a PKB record. Unlike the main PKB web site’s NHS login registration, the team page links the patient to the team. Teams can use this for self-referrals, e.g. for maternity and physiotherapy teams working with patients whose identity has already been verified. This also allows private providers and charities to onboard patients with NHS login.

Library improvements

We are updating our library pages for all user types to improve how the information is displayed and the user’s experience. 

The improvements we are making include: 

  1. Using the new style of page layout that we have already implemented in the Tests, Measurements and Journal pages so information is displayed clearly whilst remaining optimised for screens of all sizes. 
  2. Adding the ellipsis options menu. Clicking on the options menu will open a dropdown that lists all the actions available such as edit, delete, discuss and change privacy.
  3. Adding new icons for folders, links and files to match our updated style.
  4. Implementing a new drag and drop function for coordinators to order their team libraries.

Show/hide password option on password fields

Patients will soon be able to view their password when entering it in the system so they can check if the password is correct and easily correct any mistakes. In response to user feedback, we are adding a ‘Show password’ option to all password fields in PKB. This will help reduce failed registrations and failed login attempts.

Attachment downloads from NHS App

Patients will be able to read documents inside the NHS App, e.g. hospital letters. PKB will track when a document has been read in the NHS App, as it does currently in the PKB website. This means customers will be able to see that someone has accessed a document in the NHS App so they know they do not have to send the paper version of the same document out via post. We will use the new NHS App attachment download API. This API has been recently released to enable patients to download files and attachments on their phone while accessing Patients Know Best through the NHS App which they previously did not support.

Weekly project statistics report

We will be making a weekly project report available for customers. This report will allow customers to review the progress of their deployment workstreams. It will include data about creation, registration, clinical engagement, integrations and support desk metrics. On a weekly basis, organisations can see the change in figures for the last week, overall totals and a summary of the last three months. 

This report will give organisations the information they need to support decision-making about actions that will help them to reach their goals. The report will also highlight the teams that are most successfully using PKB with their patients so that clinical teams can learn from each other to improve their processes.

Customers can already access our reports on registration and clinical engagement. If you would like to access these, please contact your account manager or success team member.

Continued work from May

We will continue to work on the following features this month. Please see our previous blogs for more information:

That’s it for this month. To learn about our longer term work, please visit our roadmap. We will be back next month with more improvements we are working on, but in the meantime if you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you.


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