Our User Research team has been gathering feedback from users so that we can make improvements to the system whilst ensuring that it is easy to navigate and use. Many patients reported that the initial on-boarding screens could be improved to help them better understand privacy in their record and how they can control what their teams can see. 

We have now completed the design process and are starting development to implement these changes by rebuilding these screens for patients.

The first screen after registration will be an initial welcome screen to introduce the user to Patients Know Best.

We will be adding a progress indicator as part of the on-boarding screens so that the user is always aware of where in the process they are. The indicator will use  a different style for active, done and upcoming steps.

We will then show the user which teams have access to their record, simplifying the text on these pages to make it clear to the patient how they can change what they share with the team.

If the team has added a team description, we will display this alongside the team details and logo at the top of the page so that the patient can read more information on the team to help them make their choices on what to share with them.

We have updated the privacy label styling as part of this work to give users a better understanding and visual representation of what each action does. This will be represented with a pie chart which will automatically update as the user changes the privacy settings. A pie chart was chosen to represent the record being split into four different areas.  If an option is deselected, the supporting icon and the relevant section in the pie chart will be greyed out, with a padlock icon appearing, to symbolise that it is locked and a check mark will be shown if the corresponding option is selected. 

We will remove the buttons in the navigation bar (Settings, Help, Log out) to remove any distractions during the on-boarding process.

We will also ensure all these pages meet accessibility standards and are optimised for all screen sizes. 

Once these changes are complete, we will begin work on improvements to the patient homepage and patient navigation around the system.

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