NHS App Live Sites – October

This month we are pleased to announce that the following areas now have the PKB & NHS App integration enabled for NHS App users:

  • All CCGs across Humber Coast and Vale ICS
  • Wakefield CCG
  • North Kirklees CCG

In the coming weeks all CCGs across North East London and Derbyshire will be live, with more areas to follow.

For patients living in these areas download the NHS App and link your PKB account today.  

Find out more in our Manual here. You will then be able to access the following parts of PKB via the NHS App, allowing you to access more information and track more of your health and wellbeing:

  • Events & messages
  • Library
  • Appointments
  • Care Plans
  • Medicines
  • Symptoms
  • Measurements
  • Journal
  • Tests

Coming later in the year will be links to :

  • Imaging
  • Sharing

Future developments include :

Notifications in the NHS App about new messages in PKB. You can read more here.

If you do not use the NHS App, or you are outside of these regions you can still claim or create your PKB record via our website, see here and click Register, further instruction below: 

Then Register using NHS login.

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