Highlights of our Education work in 2021

Financial support is provided as an Educational Grant by Pfizer Limited to enable Patients Know Best to employ a full-time equivalent project manager for a 2-year post to support the deployment of the Patients Know Best (PKB) MedEd Programme Initiative for academic institutions

As part of our social mission and ethos, we have offered the Patients Know Best (PKB) platform free of charge to any institutions that are teaching and preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals for the last 8 years.  Over the last 18 months, we are proud to have worked with Pfizer, who supported this work and mission through a medical education grant. The grant funds the delivery and project management across educational institutions.

Our 2021 Education Annual Report outlines the progress we have made in the last year. In particular, it gives an overview of the status of educational partners, highlighting current and future partners including our intention to spread the programme internationally.

The report also looks at the learning outcomes achieved by City University Midwifery students, for example the ability for students to understand the lived experience of a pregnancy journey by playing the role of midwife or parent-to-be having frequent interactions and interventions. This benefits the students by giving them the opportunity to have a longitudinal view of a patient’s health journey before they go into practice.

Additionally, the report looks into the statistics of student engagement with the platform, reporting, for example, that there were 1772 messages sent between students and patients at Leicester Medical School over a single 28 day period in November 2021.

The PKB platform can be used by educators at no cost to support the teaching of remote management, virtual communication skills and the patient management practises that digital pathways demand. It supports the teaching of students about the importance of a patient-controlled health record in empowering patients with the self-management of their health. Educators can use PKB to introduce students to the value-based health care outcomes and organisational transformation associated with the use of online digital patient services.

To find out more about our Education work or to request a presentation for your institution, please follow this link and click through to “find out more” to watch an informative video.

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