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Welcome to March’s instalment of our development blog. The highlights this month are:

  • Measurements from GP practices using the EMIS medical records system will be added to patients’ records
  • A new link from the NHS App to the Imaging section of PKB will be available

Adding measurements from GP practices using EMIS

Physical Health Check measurements, recorded at GP practices using the EMIS medical records system, will be added to patients’ PKB records. This is part of our EMIS Extract service integration being developed in partnership with North East London CCG, as part of their award-winning digital platform for mental health recovery, led by Dan Burningham and Breda Spillane.

The first measurements to be added will be those included in the NHS Health Checks, and are important health data to support someone to set recovery goals to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. The list of measurements is in our user manual. It includes measurements such as BMI, blood pressure, and pulse. 

NEL CCG are committed to supporting people with long-term mental health conditions to be able to use the information collected by their GP at their annual mental health review, to inform and support their recovery goals, using the bespoke ‘Me and My Goals’ plan, which has also been created within this workstream.

After the NHS Health Check measurements, we will expand the list of measurements and add test results. NEL CCG is committed to expanding the use of this digital platform to support self-management and wellbeing for all users within the ICS, and looks forward to working in partnership with Patients Know Best to achieve this. 

New link to imaging pages from the NHS App

Patients in 11 ICS regions can access their PKB record from within the NHS App. This month patients can see imaging results. Clicking on the button in the NHS App will take the user to a menu from which they can navigate to test results or diagnostic imaging reports, including X-rays, MRI & CT scans. 

Sending Word document files via HL7

Customers can send Word documents in an HL7 MDM T02 message. PKB shows the documents in the Events and Messages section. It is already possible to send PDF and RTF documents to PKB.

Email notifications for frozen patient records

If a professional freezes a young person’s record, PKB will not send email notifications to the young person or their carers about changes in the record. Healthcare professionals can freeze a record to prevent access by non-professionals while investigations into the safety of a child are taking place. You can read more about how to freeze a record in our manual

Warning message on Imaging page

The ‘Imaging’ page now tells the patient that professionals will not automatically see the images the patient uploads and that they should contact the professional directly if they have any immediate concerns.

February review:

In February, we made the following changes that weren’t covered in our January blog: 

  • In January, we altered the functionality of patient invites so that patients are automatically added to the team list when invited manually via the UI. Last month, we expanded that to include bulk patient invites via CSV upload. This means that patients will automatically be added to team lists when invited, regardless of whether they are invited via the UI, CSV or HL7. 
  • When discussing a result within any of the ‘Health’ sections, e.g. Diagnoses and Allergies, the name of the category will be shown in the title of the message being sent. For example, when discussing a Diagnosis the title will now be shown as ‘Discuss your diagnoses’. Previously all of the titles were ‘Send a message’. 

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