Development Blog – November 2022

Welcome to November’s instalment of our development blog. 

Prevent patient record switching while logged in via single sign-on    

Organisations will be able to prevent professionals from switching between patient records when they are logged in via single sign-on (SSO)

Organisations can already set up single sign-on to allow professionals to open a patient’s PKB record from their EHR system. This means the professional does not need to log in each time. The new functionality allows an organisation to prevent the professional from switching between patient records within PKB. Instead the professional must open each patient’s record in their EHR in order to open their PKB record. 

To prevent patient record switching, an organisation will simply add a parameter in the redirection URL when implementing SSO

Patient summary page with links to patient search, logout and help unavailable so professional cannot switch patient record

New FHIR API to automatically send consultations to patients 

Organisations will be able to use our FHIR endpoint to automate asking patients to fill in consultations based on the organisation’s criteria. Organisations can build an integration to send consultations to individual or multiple patients from their local systems as part of their regular workflows.

The initial version will support sending questionnaire requests to patients using their unique PKB IDs.  We will then extend this operation to accept a National ID as an optional parameter.

The specification for the send-questionnaire-request operation is now available in our developer wiki. Please speak to your PKB project manager if you are interested in using this.

Only contactable professionals can receive messages about consultations 

Patients will no longer be able to send a message about consultations if the professional in the message thread has messaging turned off. This will prevent patients sending follow-up messages when the professional is not expecting to receive them.

Library updates 

We are making the Library easier to use.The changes include: 

  • Adding ‘Shared health links’ as a header for the personal library section.
  • Making it clear if there are no items in empty folders with the text ‘This folder is empty’.
The new ‘Shared health links’ section of the Library page 

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