Development Update – January 2023

Welcome to January’s instalment of our development blog. 

Adding lab tests from GP practices using EMIS

We are adding NHS Health Check lab test results from GP practices using the EMIS system to patient records. These test results will flow into PKB via our EMIS extract service integration. The list of tests includes cholesterol and glucose tests.

We are reviewing common lab tests in order to expand the list of lab tests that are added to patient records in the first quarter of 2023.

NHS Health Check test results in a care plan

Changed message shown to patients for delayed test results and imaging reports

Organisations can delay test results and imaging reports to give their clinicians a chance to review the results. For delayed data, the onscreen message tells the patient the date they can view the test result or report: “The report will be available on…”. 

We changed  the text following requests from clinical teams to focus on the date the patient will see the result.

Text displayed to patients when they receive an imaging report with a delay applied 

New alerts and notifications style

We have updated the alerts and notifications across PKB to bring them in line with our design guidelines. Alerts and notifications are now clearer with different colours and symbols for each type: 

  • Blue with an info symbol to give the user information 
  • Green with a tick symbol for success messages 
  • Orange with an exclamation point for warnings 
  • Red with an X symbol for error messages 
  • Yellow with a clock and progress bar to show the status of actions that are being executed 

The user can dismiss the alert or notification by clicking the x.

New alerts and notifications  
A success message in the new style 

Registration status in the CSV to download contact details

There will be two new columns in the contact details CSV: date of birth and registration status. Teams often use registration status during rollout so that they can contact groups of patients to invite them to register. The coordinator can access this CSV in the ‘Institution’ tab under ‘Consent’.

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