PKB Co-ordinator can now see Patient Usage

Patients Know Best (PKB) co-ordinators have a crucial role in the adoption of PKB at their respective departments including registering clinicians, coaching clinicians and patients on using PKB and also administering the institution’s care plan templates, surveys and patient communication materials. This month, we’ve upgraded the co-ordinator account to show statistics that will make it easier to track adoption of PKB and provide proactive support for both patients and clinicians. The following screenshot shows a sample of what the co-ordinator will see.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.24.58 AM

From this chart, a co-ordinator can find:

1. Patient Adoption Summary

– number of patients invited and activated in total

– number of patients invited each week

– number of patients waiting to be activated each week

The difference between the number of invited patients and activated patients shows the number of patients who have not registered. This provides a warning for co-ordinators if some patients have trouble registering.


2. Clinician Adoption Summary

– number of clinicians invited and activated in total (ideally, all the clinicians at your institution will be invited by the co-ordinator)

– number of clinicians invited each week

– number of clinicians activated each week

The difference between the number of invited clinicians and activated clinicians indicates clinicians not registered. The co-ordinator can approach these clinicians to provide additional training and support.

To further understand the usages of PKB, the co-ordinator can find the number of messages being sent between clinicians and patients. The co-ordinator can also find the HL7 numbers which indicate the volume of pathology and file uploads on their PKB site.

To find this information, please log onto your co-ordinator account and click on Statistics.

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