Genome Sequencing Files can be uploaded onto PKB

Patients Know Best (PKB) has a new feature coming out this month that will allow patients and clinicians to upload large data files such as genome sequencing files onto PKB. This feature will allow patients, clinicians, and clinical researchers to access the same data, real-time on a secure platform. It will increase the potential for patient-clinician-research interactions and direct more health care and clinical research towards patient-centered care.

We are working with partners like Rare Genomics Institute and Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, along with academic institutes, to bring patients access to that research information faster. At the same time, real-time patient data coming onto the PKB platform, which is integrated with an increasing list of popular devices, provides clinicians and researchers with the input that they need for their studies.

Patients and clinicians, please keep an eye out for this new feature on PKB. You will find the capability to upload files under the Files tab.


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