Dutch server

This week we switched on our Dutch data centre for customers in continental Europe.

We always knew we would do this to optimise service for our users in the Netherlands with better latency. Recently Brexit made the move more urgent. Now our users in continental Europe no longer have to figure out the UK’s future regulatory compliance outside of the European Union.

For many reasons, the Netherlands was the first continental European country to use PKB. Like neighbouring northern European countries it is highly advanced digitally. It is one of the fastest adopters of new technologies and it favours private-sector innovations over government-built infrastructure. Perhaps most importantly, citizen privacy and empowerment are part of the culture, as opposed to England’s more paternalistic approach to health care, so the Dutch love PKB’s approach to patient control.

Radboud University Medical Centre was our first customer outside the UK. We later discovered that they are an early customer of many digital health companies. At their request we translated PKB’s user interface into Dutch, our first non-English language. Going from 1 to 2 languages was hard, but today we support 19 languages and can easily add more as we reach more customers across the world.

Radboud is now rolling out CMyLife across the Netherlands using PKB. The platform focuses on the care of patients with blood cancers, starting with chronic myeloid leukaemia. Patients are registered in clinic and offered the use of PKB to see their medical records as part of their overall treatment. Recently CMyLife has been included in the national best practices for the treatment of blood cancers.

Last year the Dutch government introduced personal health records legislation for patients to have access to their medical records across all providers. CarePoint became our distributor in the Netherlands, working with the Dutch government to ensure PKB’s compliance with national standards and laws. Earlier this year CarePoint signed their first customer contract to deliver PKB to rheumatology patients.

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