Changes to status handling of HL7 reports for test result deletion

From March 30th PKB will offer a report-level corrective workflow to remove all previously added results for a report.

Current behaviour: A laboratory/radiology report with an OBR-25 status of R is processed (subject to other business rules, such as OBX-11 status checking).

Proposed behaviour: A laboratory/radiology report with an OBR-25 status of R will be ignored. If results have been received previously for this report, they will be marked as deleted. In the user interface, the result will not appear and it will be indicated that a result has been deleted.


PKB integrates with many laboratory systems, which send reports to PKB via HL7 ORU R01 messages.

PKB uses these messages to generate Lab Reports (which contain Lab Results) or Radiology Reports (depending on the contents of the HL7 message, as described in our documentation).

Note: It is also possible to send us Measurements using ORU R01 messages, but these will continue to have a slightly different status-based workflow, and are not affected by the changes outlined here. PKB will look to harmonise their workflow with other observations in the near future.

Customers often have different internal processes and workflows with regard to managing the status of reports and results; PKB would now like to consolidate an agreed set of status values for both reports and results, along with the expected behaviour for each.

Note that PKB does not currently track the status value for a report or result, nor do we have any plans to do so. The status values supplied in an HL7 message will affect how we handle that message, but we do not store the status value directly.

More details of the proposed values will be released in due course, but the first change we will make from March 30th is to support a report-level corrective workflow for marking all previously sent results as deleted. We will support an OBR-25 status value of R for this functionality.


Feedback is welcome from all customers. For example:

  • Do you currently use an OBR-25 status value of R to mean something else?
  • Do you currently support the outlined functionality, but by using a different status value?

Please provide any comments before Thursday 29th March 2018.

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