Sites live August 2019

We are excited to announce that the following sites went live in August!

  • Save Minds, a private clinic based in London have started using PKB to make ketamine treatment more widely accessible to patients. This is part of the Coradu project which uses PKB to monitor patients with treatment-resistant depression who are prescribed ketamine at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. The Save Minds clinic will be using care plans, library resources and the consultation and messaging functionalities, to mirror the work carried out in Oxford.
  • Sapphire Medical, a Harley Street clinic also based in London, will be using PKB to enable access to medicinal cannabis for patients who are likely to derive clinical benefit as recommended by their GP or hospital trust. The clinic will be using PKB to provide pre-clinic consultations, personalised care plans and secure messaging directly with patients.

As part of Swansea Bay University Health Board network, the following teams are now live:

  • The Urology team at the Princess of Wales Hospital are using PKB to support patients with bladder conditions. Patients with high-risk bladder cancer are now able to communicate directly with their clinical team and access their pathology results with PKB. Similarly, patients with prostate conditions can see their pathology results, including PSA score and can more effectively manage their care using a library of tailored resources. 
  • The Dermatology team at Neath Port Talbot Hospital will be using PKB to support patients who are treated with systemic treatment for their skin condition. Patients will have access to their test results to help monitor the safety of the medications they are taking and secure messaging to support online consultations.
  • The Rheumatology (or DMARDS) team will be using PKB to share pathology results, monitor symptoms and manage patient cohorts remotely by using PKB as a mechanism for patients to contact the team when their symptoms flare up. 


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  1. So what’s happened with the Surrey Care Record? IG and consent issues are the rumour, with sharing in and out having been suspended. All gone very quiet and no one saying a word.

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