A new way to check your HL7 code information

Organisation Administrators for PKB customers can now view and download their organisation’s HL7 v2 code information. This means you can always check what values PKB has for your organisation, in order to make sure they accurately reflect the latest values used by your internal systems.

HL7 v2 is an international standard used by PKB customers to send clinical and administrative data to suppliers like PKB. PKB uses the HL7 v2 code information to replace some of the information (or code values) sent to us with a more user-friendly display. For example rather than hospital service “rnlstmarys” we show the patient “renal department at St Mary’s Hospital”. We also use the code information to help assign the correct privacy label to the incoming data. For example, anything from a psychiatric specialty gets the mental health privacy label. The precise behaviour varies depending on the type of code set; please see our HL7 documentation for more information.

These values can change over time, so we would encourage all customers to check that this information is up to date and to remember to think of PKB as part of your internal change processes whenever these are modified.

The code type, value, corresponding display text and associated privacy label (where relevant) are shown in the new “Code Set” tab.

If you have any questions or think that this information needs to be updated for your organisation, please get in touch.

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