Patients Know Best reassessed by ORCHA and comes out on top

Over the last few months Patients Know Best have been through the second year of assessment with ORCHA, in independent application assessors, and we’re thrilled to say we have maintained a high score of 92%. 

ORCHA conducted an intelligence Review of Patients Know Best (PKB) that looked at our technology’s nature and purpose, and identified which of the 350+ criteria points the platform meets across Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility. 

This time, PKB scored 98 for Usability and Accessibility, an improvement of two points in our Usability and Accessibility from our previous ORCHA score. From the last time we were assessed, PKB has expanded our focus on User Research and Accessibility, growing the team focusing on this area and delivering more improvements to the UX and UI of the product based on user research and feedback.

You can read about some of the current updates we are making to the platform in the coming weeks in our October Development blog here and improvements we made last month in our September Development blog here. If you would like to be part of our user research groups that inform these changes and the future of our product, you can find out more about this in this blog post or in our user manual

PKB will expand on the feedback and scores across ORCHAs review, to look at how we can continue to improve and drive our product forward across all areas of the assessment. 

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